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All The Good Parts Were Eaten

Thesis show at the Cooper Union 2019. Knowledge gained from an imagined excavation into a leak from the ceiling, discovering unlikely culprits, hard landlords and aggressive voicemails culminating into a dripping television monitor beneath a film projection on loop every 7 minutes.

Other specimens include a machine that feeds secrets to a plant. A second video recounting two events across space and time. Complexly scented objects and a pile of candied blood orange, lemon and lime peels, to be carried around in a paper bag. 


all the good parts were eaten, but we still threw a great party. 

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"all the good parts were eaten" the film preview

Anchor to eratosthenes

Shot and edited by Chaire Louise


Jack Powers

Isabel Monk Cade

Kimber Tai Monroe

Lily Kleinman


Voice over-

Clara Zinky



Taliana Katz

Eratosthenes Cable Light

Eratosthenes Cable Light : A brief account of two discrete events across time and space.

Originally viewed on loop from an antique velvet chair with headphones as part of the installation "All The Good Parts Were Eaten" 

Scroll up to see more documentation and pieces from the show.

Shot and edited by Chaire Louise

Voice over by Clara Zinky

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