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6 Cooked Hams In Tins

In the near future, the build up of micro-plastics and the monopolization of crops by companies like Monsanto has drastically decreased the quantity of foods deemed consumable by the human population. Many seeds from foods that have gone extinct or are critically close to extinction have hope for life in seed banks. One of these seed banks is a high security project called the Doomsday Vault, located at the end of the Earth, on an island somewhere off the coast of Norway. The vault contains 2.2 billion seeds, millions of which have vanished from the surface beyond the compound, and are only to be released in case of an apocalyptic event. These 2.2 billion seeds are protected behind heavy locked doors, and polar bears. The government officials around this table somewhere in lower Manhattan are all affiliated with a large synthetic food production company called “R food” that grows plastic food hybrids. They also each happen to have a key to each door in the Doomsday Vault – the only copies on earth. The rapid decrease in biodiversity has world hunger at an all time high causing a media outrage. The men around this table are tasked with the responsibility of declaring the world in the state of Apocalypse. Should they decide to indeed “call” Apocalypse, the seeds will be released. However due to their position as beneficiaries of a large plastic food company, their deficiency of empathy and their overall narrow vision, they do not know how to see the apocalyptic condition, the following account is of them searching for the apocalypse.

6 Cooked Hams in Tins - Clip

6 Cooked Hams in Tins - Clip

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Created by Chaire Louise

Production - Lily Kleinman

Edited by Chaire Louise


DP - Holden Pham

Camera B - Chaire Louise


Thom Pinto

Dan Titmuss

James Nash 

Jason DeStefano

Austin Cawley-Edwards

Voice Over Artists- 

Matt Surges

Nathaniel Jameson

Mauricio Higuera

Steven Wolff

Dan Titmuss 

Taxidermy courtesy of Lotte K W

Office courtesy of NV5



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